Husky Titan

Husky Titan Central Vacuum SystemHusky TITAN Central Vacuum System

Husky is proud to introduce the TITAN, a new dry dust model equipped with 2 motors mounted in series for maximum vacuum power. The bar has been raised again and Husky takes pole position in the heavy weight category of the most powerful central vacuums on the market.

Equipped with two 3-stage Domel tangential motors mounted in series for unequalled suction power and
exclusive air flow cooling technology to increase motor
durability. Soft start & soft stop features to improve motor lifespan.

Hybrid filtration system for use with or without disposable
filtration bag. Permanent Husky filter with antibacterial Silpure treatment.

Intelligent electronic module with LED indicator. Warning notification for emptying the dust canister and device shutdown when maintenance is required.

Quality paint and brushed aluminum for a top of the line
finish and luxurious style.

Technical Specification

Model No Electrical Requirement Air Watts Max Depression (H2O) Max Air Flow Dimensions Canister Type/ Size
TTN-200 – EU-H
220-240 V
50/60 Hz
2981W max, 13 A
1100 210 “/ 5334 mm
50 l/s /
180 m3/h
 880 mm high x
352 mm dia 
 43.2 litres


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