Husky Central Vacuum and Ventilation Systems in Ireland

Husky Pro 100 Central Vacuum SystemVacuuming our homes and workplaces is a necessary but laborious task. Conventional vacuum cleaners add to the chore.

They are often heavy, clumsy machines which have to be plugged in and then dragged wherever the user requires. They emit a certain amount of dust back into the living space which can have negative side effects for those who suffer from allergies, especially children.

Glenvac offers an alternative: Husky Central Vacuum Solutions in Ireland

We are the primary supplier and installers of Husky™ built in Central Vacuum Systems in Northern Ireland & throughout Ireland and  with over 20 years of experience, provide an unparalleled level of expertise and service.

HuskyTM offers the widest choice of central vacuum systems on the market, including disposable bag, hybrid cyclonic, wet and dry, and H2O models.

They are suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial applications. They can be installed in new or existing premises and can cover up to 10,000ft² (1,000m²).

If you want to find out more about our central vacuum systems for your home, property or business, please contact us for more information or a quotation.

We can supply, install and maintain the Husky central vacuum systems throughout Ireland.


Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems in Ireland

HRV-System-Scheme-tmbWe supply and install Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems in Northern Ireland & throughout Ireland for both domestic homes and commercial buildings.

A system can be installed within 2-5 days for an average sized domestic dwelling and prices start from £2500 and offer a cleaner internal environment and energy savings for your building or home.

We supply and install the following systems:

– Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

– Mechanical Extract Ventilation

– Positive Input Ventilation

Click Here to find out more about our heat recovery ventilation systems.






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